Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new blog of mine

taking forward this pink chaddi party concept of mine i have started a new blog... its more or less like this blogbut it emphasizes on the issues that relate to the formation of pink chaddi party... i really want to make the pink chaddi a symbol of womanhood and womens rights...lets hope we have some sane women MPs standing up for next election...this is pissed with politics signing off for check out the new blog

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

pink chaddi party...a dream of mine...

remember pramod muthalik and his tussle with the pink chaddis?? all women of india sent him pink chaddis to embarass him after he was supposedly doing "moral policing" by beating up women who were drinking in a bar... well i thought of another idea..why don't the women of india get together and make a pink chaddi party?? since the congress is useless and the bjp is too aggressive they should make their party and i'm bloody sure it will be a hit coz i know women will rule our country better...i mean look at sheila dixit...AND most of the men will vote for it,except for those who have a HUGE ego about the fact that only a man can rule them...and naturally women will vote for it because after all a womens party is bound to think about womens rights, first and foremost...and please we need sane women not mad women like mamata di and mayawati who are hell bent on ruining their country's reputation... think about it more advantage: all the male politicians will in most cases agree to what the women say because most of them do not know how to talk to respectable women who won't sleep with them!!!

hello mr. tiwari ready for some brickbats???

the hot topic is N.D.Tiwari ,the dude who got caught with the babes!!! ok, well a supposedly stable governor of andhra pradesh who got caught on a sex tape with three women... great,i'm glad we caught him,probably some guy who was giving him a bribe in the carnal form, or someone who was pissed of at him and made a fake video because he didn't listen??? what happened behind the lines we don't know but all we know is he was caught and was thrown out...i think such kind of threats are the best political weapon, something like "you better stop eating money or i ll make you a sex tape..." good business na?? all these big businessman must be regularly doing that...just to make sure their stuff is done...i think its time we do that too, any government officer who asks for bribes, just give him the sex tape threat,something like "i'll make one and send it to ur wife" good one na??a bit impractical, i know, but someone with a little guts,conviction and computer skills can surely do it!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

response post

this post is a response to ameya ab s comment on my telangana post...-- he said "why do you have to drag raj into every issue you write, i know what he does isn't right but bombay is overfull." he advised me to travel by the central railways and check out the population myself... and he said that is the reason why raj is right to throw people out of bombay..... here is my response : first of all india is a free country you can't force people to live or not live anywhere...OR to even speak or not speak a certain language...second thing is i travel by the railways everyday, even i am a middle class person,not some rich bitch sitting in his merc and commenting on the world outside... and third and most importantly i drag raj into every issue because he is dividing this country and i am against all people who do so...including mr reddy who is trying to divide his state...AND please understand one thing we ARE INDIAN... not maharashtrian or punjabi or biharis WE ARE INDIAN ... and i hate all the people trying divide the country for their own political ambitions....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

telangana???what a bloody joke!!! one is hungry the other power hungry!!!

hahahahaha!!! they want a new state...they or is it him who wants a whole new state for himself??? that damn son of YSR reddy whateva his name, jagan reddy or whateva... just because they didn't make him the CM of andhra...power hungry bastard!!! and k.chandrashekhar rao(KCR)!!! he got scared of dying!!! he just stopped fasting one fine day!! he should have died u know, one less politician!!! what a sham... these guys are the raj thackerays of we know raj thackeray will be asking for a state of his own and then some other idiot for a state of his!! every bloody square kilometre in this country will soon become a state...and every third rate idiot on the road will become CM... i mean look at how heartless this jagan guy is his father died just recently and now he s asking for the seat of the CM??? he just didn't think twice about his father did he?? also from a political point of view if he had gone into mourning(not that he cares about his father at all) he would have got sympathy votes, atleast, in the next election... but here we have on one side a power hungry idiot and on the other side a hungry idiot!!!(KCR) i mean why is the government even looking into this issue??? they should just shoo away the protesters who are anyway jobless youths who have no other work to do and tell KCR to die if he wants to!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

we always choose the "less bad" boys!!!

india is a land of choices...good but we don't have a choice of good or bad..... the only choice we have is of the really bad, bad and the slighly less bad people... yeah it happens when we vote , when we choose which roads to go on, when we go and buy stuff in a super market and every small choice here...atleast nowadays when we go to a supermarket the choice is really expensive stuff or expensive stuff, since everything is expensive from food to rice to dal and of course our dear government is doing nothing about it...we don't choose the good road we choose the less bad road...lets talk about politics.....when we choose a candidate we choose not the good candidate but the less bad one... the one who won't do good but the one who will do less harm...we choose the congress not because it does any good but it does less harm than the BJP...we know that if BJP comes to power there will be progress but there also will be we take the safe option by choosing the congress who won't do anything but won't do any harm either...there are very few choices of actually choosing something good in india...thats what tata tea is trying to say by pleading us to vote they are saying "vote and atleast choose the less bad candidate, coz there isn't a good one anywhere...." so india its time to make sure that we get quality... learn not to get bullied into choosing people who will do less bad , make sure the candidate is GOOD and then vote or don't vote at all.good is what we need,don't get used to mediocre stuff, i know mediocrity is popularity but its about time we wake up and make sure its not....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

khilana band pilana shuru!!!

wow!!! isn't that easy to say!! tata tea is after all a rather brainy company!! isn't it??....pesonally i don't think so!!if we stop bribing then how will we get our work done??do we thrash the officials who are asking for bribes?? if we stop paying them they will stop doing our work simple!! ok tata tea has all these idealistic taglines(impressive though!!!) stuff like vote karo, khilana band pilana shuru.. now lets take vote karo... who do we vote for?? that is something they won't say in the ad...alll these damn stars come up and say that all the people who don't vote have no shame!!why don't they tell us who to vote for??? yes we don't have any shame, because our government doesnt't have any either.and about the khilana tagline... suppose a police guy stops me from breaking a signal i'd bribe him rather than pay extra money TO THE government and KNOW that the money is going to go into some politicians pocket...i'd rather bribe my tax official than pay tax honestly and know it's gonna be misused...a hawker would rather pay the police guy over paying another municipality guy a bigger bribe...i'd rather save some money for myself, pay the guy at the smaller level over being honest and paying the guy at the bigger level... wherever money goes it gets eaten, the only question is who eats it.... so tata tea time to think of a real solution and not make catchy taglines for in a hope for better sales....

why rape should be life term???.. lemme tell you

this is something i came 2 know today... there is a lady lying in sion hospital in coma for the past 36 YEARS... why?? well she was raped by a ward boy and then strangled her almost to death...the fact that she didn't get oxygen for those few vital seconds is the reason shes in coma.. and our dear friend(the ward boy) was booked attempt to murder NOT rape...7 years... then he got out of jail came back AND tried to kill her... but she still survived and he ran away somewhere and they still can't find him...and SHE is STILL in coma... so this is why i say rapists can never be improved but murderers can always be improved...rapists deserve life term not murderers................(this is an answer to shishirs comment on the post "contorted law")

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

legalize prostitution??? finally!!!!!!

thank god our netas have got some sense and they are finally thinking of legalising prostitution!!! i mean what an illusion the government was creating by keeping it illegal!! everyone knows it exists and there are red light areas there is medical help for prostitutes, there are sex worker programs and these people are still saying its illegal!!!!...stupid people!!! I mean what do they wanna prove by keeping it illegal?? why don't they just make legal and tax it??? I mean our netas themselves go to prostitutes so what is the logic behind being so hypocritical?? all right probably the fact that minors are forced into it is refraining them from doing so... So why don't they make a certain age for prostitution?? and pornography??? why don't they make that legal also??i mean it's legal in japan... pornography and prostitution are two things the government has failed to keep away from public and i'm happy they have or else we would have been a country full of rapists.. surprised??? i mean think of an illiterate guy who has no access to porn or women and he probably doesn't know how to masturbate either... what do you expect of him he is bound to become a rapist... he is bound to lose control when women are around and considering his lack of education he will probably go for the kill against the consent of the woman!!!i really feel that if these two things are made legal it will help the country and generate income for the government!! please tell me what u feel too...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the contorted law

Now that i have put up the poll let me write about it see the punishments in indian law are so damn stupid, murder is life imprisonment and rape is only SEVEN years. see, according to me there is an excuse for every crime,every crime except rape... there's an excuse for murder which can be sympathised by society (lack of justice,instant anger, constant provocation...)but RAPE???? there is simply no excuse and i really think that a murderer maybe reformed but not a rapist...i mean seriously speaking there should be 7 years jail for murder and lifetime for rape...i mean the law is completely stupid in its approach towards crime...practically speaking a rapist should be hanged but then our law doesn't have the guts to hang many people in the fear of being called uncivilised. they don't even hang the people who have been sentenced to death!!! there are lots of people who are still waiting to be hanged!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

justice??what justice??

"order order!!" says the judge... what order is he talking about??the order in this country?? or does his hammer only hold its power in the courtroom??... the question goes "is he just creating an illusion of order in the country??" we think there is law in the country.. ok fine i don't blame you, most of the readers must be living in the cities where there is atleast an illusion of law and order... but what about our villages??go a little outside and see for i'm not talking only about bihari villlages but somewhere as "safe" as probably maharashtra, or andhra pradesh. even in the cities there is no respect for the law... the scale of justice always tilts towards the flutter of money, the rich get the justice... all the a big guy has to do is call up some MP and his son will be remove from jail... what about the people living in jail waiting for their undertrials?? somewhere around 14 lakh cases lay waiting... who is to blame?? well i'd like to blame my old friends the politicians (i'm sure you knew that was coming right???) first of all no one becomes judges because a judge gets such a low salary.50000-100000 and sometimes more but is that enough for a man without a cause for his country??one really needs a man with a cause to become a judge. who will give up the fancy life and pay of a lawyer to become a judge?? why will he give up a party life for the boring and monotonous life of a judge?? is there any incentive but the respect?? so the main reason why most of the lawyers do not become judges is the lack of incentive to become one!! and this explains the backlog of judges and eventually cases lying in the court for years... what about innocents sitting in jail who are suddenly proved innocent and all the state can say is sorry??AND on top of which most of the justice is left to the panchayats which is a gang of egoistic , soft in the head and gullible oldies who have a distorted sense of age old justice... why do you think the maoists have formed?? coz of the lack of justice. because everything has been taken away from them including their land and hills which are being now sold for the bauxite they contain... and our dear government which has an age old problem of fighting the poor because they are poor has given the army a free hand in the maoist areas.(you see our govt. did not have the guts to fight pakistan,but they have a newfound power while fighting the poor) the basic problem is that our people need justice that's it nothing more!! that will solve many problems!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

India-the glorified whorehouse

"money,chai-pani,paisa,mal-pani,kharcha-pani" these are the famous terms for the WE all will literally DIE for. and when i say WE i mean we indians.the reason I called india the glorified whorehouse is that you pay and you can get anything just,no i don't blame indians coz its in our blood na?? we have betrayed our country since history... I'll tell you why the british took over, why the mughals took over,and more recently the politicians who took over in the place of the british in the name of freedom... trust me the british came here as traders but then they saw our own people betraying each other they said WHY NOT take it over??? i mean if the people don't trust themselves then lets take it over na?? as someone said "civilisations don't die with the strength of others but with the decay within" I mean the british literally bought us over. just like politicians are buying us today 500 bucks a vote or more. i mean one can buy over anyone from a havaldar to an ACP to a government officer to a politician.ots just that one takes in hundreds the other in thousands the other in lakhs an yet another in crores. NO NO, i'm not saying that people aren't corrupt abroad but the problem here is that EVERYONE is corrupt?? why?? i mean sonia gandi and sharad pawar are so rich why don't they do something for the nation??how much money will they eat?? and don't tell me they aren't corrupt, sonia gandhi declared her wealth as somewhere around 3 crores and she expects the public to believe it!!! she must be worth thousands of crores!! anyway its finally for us to decide whetherwe wanna do something for our motherland or just be a bunch of prostitutes ready to sell anything for money....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

official powers-official rape

"goooooooood mornniiiiiiiiing nagaland!! this is DJ army jawan and its time to get up coz we are bored and wanna kill a few people who we suspect to be insurgents!! and you can leave your women to us so that they can supplement our carnal desires!!" this is how an army jawan would talk in nagaland. just to clarify nagaland is a part of india. so lets talk about the insurgencies of nagaland... first of all the army is given a free hand there.... this means they are allowed to torture or kill anyone who they suspect to be insurgents....fantastic way to secure our nation na??? NO!!! they are also raping the women there. and creating terrorists out of those who don't wanna become terrorists!!! and yes ARMY JAWANS are doing this!! surprised??? did you think the army was all a place of honour and courage and leading a mans life??? well i think you have got this warped image of the army from the movie lakshya!! right?? well if thinking from the groin is the way man thinks then the army is certainly "a mans life" I don't blame them i blame the politicians sitting in dehli who decided to give the army a free hand... and of course there is no justice in nagaland :( they naturally want a separate country because we TREAT them like a separate country.because we treat them like separate people. do you know there are PASSES to go to nagaland EVEN if you are an INDIAN?? there is a woman who has been starving herself for NINE long years,protesting against the act which gives the army a free hand....AND all the government does is force feed her lentil soup and then throw her out again!! they never thought of changing the act... agreed, there are nine insurgency groups in nagaland but that doesn't mean the army is given a free hand. lets all try and put a stop to this RAPE in ways we can :(

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

corruption in the bmc(bombay municipal corporation)

where do i start??? oh ya check this out: a russian company had given an opportunity to the bmc to come up with a permanent solution to potholes!! there was a certain liquid which was to be mixed with water in a certain proportion and to be put in a pothole and after one hour of drying the pothole solution would harden solving the problem for 10 years!!! GUARANTEED!! by the company. wait wait wait don't get excited too fast, this is india :( so naturally the bmc accepted it and then their contractors started mixing it in the wrong proportionsand complaining that it did't last more than a month. so the russian company said that it do the work itself, but naturally the bmc refused. WHY??? well err the politicians don't wanna solve our problems coz otherwise why will we go to them??? AND also the bmc road contractors made sure that the russian co wasn't given the contract so that they could constantly get business!! trust me, to develop the only thing we need is political will nothing else!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

kasab??? oh yeah that terrorist dude!!

no no its not the politicians to blame !! its us the damn public who forget everything so fast!!! wheres all that unfogettable anger huh?? ok people were pissed off afetr 26/11 , but for sometime... are we scared?? is our system so inefficient?? and all we do is we'll have this talk with pakistan and that talk. all we do is TALK TALK TALK. someone asked a pakistani general "why do you mess around with india(26/11)??? you know we can crush you in a day" and you know what he said??? "main jaanta hoon lekin tum log saale babu log ho , you have no guts to touch us" what a joke we have made of 26/11. why is only taj the symbol?? why on the anniversary did most people go to the taj?? ohhhhhhhhh!! right coz the rich people died there na?? there is of course no value for those who died at CST. why?? coz they are poor. and for all you know people must be thinking no more dinners and lunches in the taj for the next year OH MY GOD!!! a rich mans life is always more valuable... the sad truth of life. I think it's time we people start a mercenary fund so as to fund mercenaries to go and knock out terrorists in pakistan... and we actually believe that the pakistani government is killing terrorists??? in their own country?? we may be a part of the public but we are not fools as yet.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

new idea

today morning i got this idea: if government officials are corrupt lets embarass them.when they ask for bribes go pay a few eunuchs(chakkas) to surround him and and dance till he gets your work done!! trust me there is nothin more embarassing than that!!! he'll never dare ask for bribes again!!! if you have any other ideas besides the munna bhai method(stripping till he gets your work done) please comment. believe me when i say these dudes HATE taking bribes it doesn't satisy them. they just become so hardened that it doensn't make them a difference.

hey raj u have the guts???

lets attack raj thackeray the politician with fantastic oratory skills who is hell bent on dividing the country. i dare say raj thackeray speaks well.. but his genius is used for the wrong causes...the worst part is he isn't even sure of what he wants... does he want maharashtrians to get jobs??? or does he want biharis to speak marathi?? or does he want to throw out the non-maharashtrians or those who don't speak marathi???what do u want raj??be clear... i know u want political mileage but please be clear on what u want. do you have the guts to throw out the south indians??? oohhhhhhhhhhh!!! forgive me the south indians will throw YOU out!!! coz they can stand up to you!!! hahaha!! when the biharis make a comeback they will not only beat you till you speak hindi but will crucify you in public!! go against the muslims na?? haha they will make u bakri for thier id!!! ohhh sorry you are to damn impure to be one!! they will just cut you and throw u on the side!! so today we will make a declaration in HINDI "raj mein dum nahin sirf tamsha karna janta hai, jo log usse bade hain unko manta hai, jo log tujhse takkar lenge unse teri fati gand , jo log nahi lenge unko dikhata hai apni aand!!!!!!!!" take my finger thackeray!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


now lets tackle corruption in the police! ok..police people are corrupt. and i'm not talking about the traffic police!!! i'm talkin about the police who keep the law and order!! that is worse.they get paid by politicians and criminals..but what choice do they have??? have you ever gone to a police colony?? have you seen the way they live???the food they eat??the lives they live?? its subhuman..and then we say they should not be corrupt?? why doesn't the government give them proper housing? simple... its coz those people with white caps who rule us are eating it(damn them!!) so if the police are given basic amenities like good housing and salaries i'm sure they would like to be honest. do you think they are satisfied by taking bribes??by some stupid uneducated politicians calling them up to release criminals?? nooooooooooooooooooooo waaayyy they hate it but they have to do it.... :(

stupid idiots!!

WHY just WHY do we let such idiots rule our country, huh?? do u know the liberhan report came out after 17 years and even though mr advani is solely responsible for the babri masjid they blame others. lets make a resolution today and we ll put this condition up to the politicians: "if you want to be corrupt DO so but do good for the public. you want money take it but make sure we are safe.make sure our work gets done ok??? thats all we want... do illegal things but let it not affect the public.." ""let respectable people live thier respectable lives""

Friday, November 27, 2009


i agree this sick idiot has no guts if a bihari party gives him money tomorrow he ll fight for the bihari cause!!!

kick some ass!!!!

hey there my indians sisters and brothers!!!!!!heres a chance to critisize indian politics and politicians openly!!AND anonymously!!lets hope this blog goes well!!! so that all the fat asses ruling us shall come to know what we want of them!! coz if we say stuff openly they don't let us live properly!!lets start with raj thackeray the "marathi manoos" huh!!! i betcha if the biharis decide to whack him he won't have the guts to mess around with them.anyway his son(amit) is one bigass pansy so i'm sure he must be too!!just trying to show off coz by beating the innocent biharis coz we don't say anything!! so guys say ur stuff against politicians u hate , fearlessly and dont forget to sign in!!!