Friday, January 1, 2010

pakistan ke saath dosti?? bullshit we just got scared

another one of the times of india shams...AMAN KI ASHA-peace project and all that bullshit!!...we are just one bunch of babus who got scared of pakistan and now are saying we want peace...WAH!!! ok let me explain... i agree we should make friends with the pakistanis...i myself have gone to pakistan and find them to be nice people BUT friends with PAKISTAN??? i mean THE COUNTRY??? we know they engineered the terrorist attacks,they hate our country, they encourage terrorists to breed in their country and we wanna make friends??? very nice way of saying "we got scared saab , please don't do such things in the future"... we are one country of idol worshippers we bow to everyone who comes to us , the mughals came we bowed to them, the british came we bowed to them , the politicians came we bowed to them and now we bow to our greatest enemies china and pakistan???Congrats indians I now pronounce you a BUNCH OF COWARDS......yes thats what we are-COWARDS... we simply did NOTHING after the 26/11...nothing??? and now this aman ki asha bullshit....

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pics said...

SO what do you suggest , WAR . Believe you me that talking can cure a lot of evil , its when we do not talk that War happens . Endless suffering happens in war , I am not sure you are aware of the evils of war .
By your own admission the evil is the Pakistan Government and not its people , so what prevents you talking to the people.