Monday, November 30, 2009

kasab??? oh yeah that terrorist dude!!

no no its not the politicians to blame !! its us the damn public who forget everything so fast!!! wheres all that unfogettable anger huh?? ok people were pissed off afetr 26/11 , but for sometime... are we scared?? is our system so inefficient?? and all we do is we'll have this talk with pakistan and that talk. all we do is TALK TALK TALK. someone asked a pakistani general "why do you mess around with india(26/11)??? you know we can crush you in a day" and you know what he said??? "main jaanta hoon lekin tum log saale babu log ho , you have no guts to touch us" what a joke we have made of 26/11. why is only taj the symbol?? why on the anniversary did most people go to the taj?? ohhhhhhhhh!! right coz the rich people died there na?? there is of course no value for those who died at CST. why?? coz they are poor. and for all you know people must be thinking no more dinners and lunches in the taj for the next year OH MY GOD!!! a rich mans life is always more valuable... the sad truth of life. I think it's time we people start a mercenary fund so as to fund mercenaries to go and knock out terrorists in pakistan... and we actually believe that the pakistani government is killing terrorists??? in their own country?? we may be a part of the public but we are not fools as yet.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

new idea

today morning i got this idea: if government officials are corrupt lets embarass them.when they ask for bribes go pay a few eunuchs(chakkas) to surround him and and dance till he gets your work done!! trust me there is nothin more embarassing than that!!! he'll never dare ask for bribes again!!! if you have any other ideas besides the munna bhai method(stripping till he gets your work done) please comment. believe me when i say these dudes HATE taking bribes it doesn't satisy them. they just become so hardened that it doensn't make them a difference.

hey raj u have the guts???

lets attack raj thackeray the politician with fantastic oratory skills who is hell bent on dividing the country. i dare say raj thackeray speaks well.. but his genius is used for the wrong causes...the worst part is he isn't even sure of what he wants... does he want maharashtrians to get jobs??? or does he want biharis to speak marathi?? or does he want to throw out the non-maharashtrians or those who don't speak marathi???what do u want raj??be clear... i know u want political mileage but please be clear on what u want. do you have the guts to throw out the south indians??? oohhhhhhhhhhh!!! forgive me the south indians will throw YOU out!!! coz they can stand up to you!!! hahaha!! when the biharis make a comeback they will not only beat you till you speak hindi but will crucify you in public!! go against the muslims na?? haha they will make u bakri for thier id!!! ohhh sorry you are to damn impure to be one!! they will just cut you and throw u on the side!! so today we will make a declaration in HINDI "raj mein dum nahin sirf tamsha karna janta hai, jo log usse bade hain unko manta hai, jo log tujhse takkar lenge unse teri fati gand , jo log nahi lenge unko dikhata hai apni aand!!!!!!!!" take my finger thackeray!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


now lets tackle corruption in the police! ok..police people are corrupt. and i'm not talking about the traffic police!!! i'm talkin about the police who keep the law and order!! that is worse.they get paid by politicians and criminals..but what choice do they have??? have you ever gone to a police colony?? have you seen the way they live???the food they eat??the lives they live?? its subhuman..and then we say they should not be corrupt?? why doesn't the government give them proper housing? simple... its coz those people with white caps who rule us are eating it(damn them!!) so if the police are given basic amenities like good housing and salaries i'm sure they would like to be honest. do you think they are satisfied by taking bribes??by some stupid uneducated politicians calling them up to release criminals?? nooooooooooooooooooooo waaayyy they hate it but they have to do it.... :(

stupid idiots!!

WHY just WHY do we let such idiots rule our country, huh?? do u know the liberhan report came out after 17 years and even though mr advani is solely responsible for the babri masjid they blame others. lets make a resolution today and we ll put this condition up to the politicians: "if you want to be corrupt DO so but do good for the public. you want money take it but make sure we are safe.make sure our work gets done ok??? thats all we want... do illegal things but let it not affect the public.." ""let respectable people live thier respectable lives""

Friday, November 27, 2009


i agree this sick idiot has no guts if a bihari party gives him money tomorrow he ll fight for the bihari cause!!!

kick some ass!!!!

hey there my indians sisters and brothers!!!!!!heres a chance to critisize indian politics and politicians openly!!AND anonymously!!lets hope this blog goes well!!! so that all the fat asses ruling us shall come to know what we want of them!! coz if we say stuff openly they don't let us live properly!!lets start with raj thackeray the "marathi manoos" huh!!! i betcha if the biharis decide to whack him he won't have the guts to mess around with them.anyway his son(amit) is one bigass pansy so i'm sure he must be too!!just trying to show off coz by beating the innocent biharis coz we don't say anything!! so guys say ur stuff against politicians u hate , fearlessly and dont forget to sign in!!!