Saturday, November 28, 2009

stupid idiots!!

WHY just WHY do we let such idiots rule our country, huh?? do u know the liberhan report came out after 17 years and even though mr advani is solely responsible for the babri masjid they blame others. lets make a resolution today and we ll put this condition up to the politicians: "if you want to be corrupt DO so but do good for the public. you want money take it but make sure we are safe.make sure our work gets done ok??? thats all we want... do illegal things but let it not affect the public.." ""let respectable people live thier respectable lives""

1 comment:

Dikshita said...

wat do u mean.???
take money?
will u accept bribe wen u becum a politician.....
y pple bcum politicians is cus of money..... lol...... n yaa indians are born lazy re!!
they won do netyn unless pple lyk us change things