Sunday, November 29, 2009

hey raj u have the guts???

lets attack raj thackeray the politician with fantastic oratory skills who is hell bent on dividing the country. i dare say raj thackeray speaks well.. but his genius is used for the wrong causes...the worst part is he isn't even sure of what he wants... does he want maharashtrians to get jobs??? or does he want biharis to speak marathi?? or does he want to throw out the non-maharashtrians or those who don't speak marathi???what do u want raj??be clear... i know u want political mileage but please be clear on what u want. do you have the guts to throw out the south indians??? oohhhhhhhhhhh!!! forgive me the south indians will throw YOU out!!! coz they can stand up to you!!! hahaha!! when the biharis make a comeback they will not only beat you till you speak hindi but will crucify you in public!! go against the muslims na?? haha they will make u bakri for thier id!!! ohhh sorry you are to damn impure to be one!! they will just cut you and throw u on the side!! so today we will make a declaration in HINDI "raj mein dum nahin sirf tamsha karna janta hai, jo log usse bade hain unko manta hai, jo log tujhse takkar lenge unse teri fati gand , jo log nahi lenge unko dikhata hai apni aand!!!!!!!!" take my finger thackeray!!!

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