Wednesday, December 2, 2009

corruption in the bmc(bombay municipal corporation)

where do i start??? oh ya check this out: a russian company had given an opportunity to the bmc to come up with a permanent solution to potholes!! there was a certain liquid which was to be mixed with water in a certain proportion and to be put in a pothole and after one hour of drying the pothole solution would harden solving the problem for 10 years!!! GUARANTEED!! by the company. wait wait wait don't get excited too fast, this is india :( so naturally the bmc accepted it and then their contractors started mixing it in the wrong proportionsand complaining that it did't last more than a month. so the russian company said that it do the work itself, but naturally the bmc refused. WHY??? well err the politicians don't wanna solve our problems coz otherwise why will we go to them??? AND also the bmc road contractors made sure that the russian co wasn't given the contract so that they could constantly get business!! trust me, to develop the only thing we need is political will nothing else!!

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