Tuesday, December 29, 2009

pink chaddi party...a dream of mine...

remember pramod muthalik and his tussle with the pink chaddis?? all women of india sent him pink chaddis to embarass him after he was supposedly doing "moral policing" by beating up women who were drinking in a bar... well i thought of another idea..why don't the women of india get together and make a pink chaddi party?? since the congress is useless and the bjp is too aggressive they should make their party and i'm bloody sure it will be a hit coz i know women will rule our country better...i mean look at sheila dixit...AND most of the men will vote for it,except for those who have a HUGE ego about the fact that only a man can rule them...and naturally women will vote for it because after all a womens party is bound to think about womens rights, first and foremost...and please we need sane women not mad women like mamata di and mayawati who are hell bent on ruining their country's reputation... think about it people...one more advantage: all the male politicians will in most cases agree to what the women say because most of them do not know how to talk to respectable women who won't sleep with them!!!

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