Thursday, December 3, 2009

official powers-official rape

"goooooooood mornniiiiiiiiing nagaland!! this is DJ army jawan and its time to get up coz we are bored and wanna kill a few people who we suspect to be insurgents!! and you can leave your women to us so that they can supplement our carnal desires!!" this is how an army jawan would talk in nagaland. just to clarify nagaland is a part of india. so lets talk about the insurgencies of nagaland... first of all the army is given a free hand there.... this means they are allowed to torture or kill anyone who they suspect to be insurgents....fantastic way to secure our nation na??? NO!!! they are also raping the women there. and creating terrorists out of those who don't wanna become terrorists!!! and yes ARMY JAWANS are doing this!! surprised??? did you think the army was all a place of honour and courage and leading a mans life??? well i think you have got this warped image of the army from the movie lakshya!! right?? well if thinking from the groin is the way man thinks then the army is certainly "a mans life" I don't blame them i blame the politicians sitting in dehli who decided to give the army a free hand... and of course there is no justice in nagaland :( they naturally want a separate country because we TREAT them like a separate country.because we treat them like separate people. do you know there are PASSES to go to nagaland EVEN if you are an INDIAN?? there is a woman who has been starving herself for NINE long years,protesting against the act which gives the army a free hand....AND all the government does is force feed her lentil soup and then throw her out again!! they never thought of changing the act... agreed, there are nine insurgency groups in nagaland but that doesn't mean the army is given a free hand. lets all try and put a stop to this RAPE in ways we can :(