Wednesday, December 23, 2009

telangana???what a bloody joke!!! one is hungry the other power hungry!!!

hahahahaha!!! they want a new state...they or is it him who wants a whole new state for himself??? that damn son of YSR reddy whateva his name, jagan reddy or whateva... just because they didn't make him the CM of andhra...power hungry bastard!!! and k.chandrashekhar rao(KCR)!!! he got scared of dying!!! he just stopped fasting one fine day!! he should have died u know, one less politician!!! what a sham... these guys are the raj thackerays of we know raj thackeray will be asking for a state of his own and then some other idiot for a state of his!! every bloody square kilometre in this country will soon become a state...and every third rate idiot on the road will become CM... i mean look at how heartless this jagan guy is his father died just recently and now he s asking for the seat of the CM??? he just didn't think twice about his father did he?? also from a political point of view if he had gone into mourning(not that he cares about his father at all) he would have got sympathy votes, atleast, in the next election... but here we have on one side a power hungry idiot and on the other side a hungry idiot!!!(KCR) i mean why is the government even looking into this issue??? they should just shoo away the protesters who are anyway jobless youths who have no other work to do and tell KCR to die if he wants to!!!


Ameya AB said...

Why do u have to drag raj thackrey into every other issue u want to write?
I know the way used by raj is not correct! But what he says is something that needs to be considered giving a serious thought at least!
By this above written, i don't support raj or kcr or any other politician.
Go and travel from virar to churchgate or try central railway for a day dude, u will hv to re consider ur thought!
Raj thackrey has never demanded a new state!
Mumbai can't take more people! it is an open secret! U can say mumbai's situation is analogous to that of the recently concluded climate summit! Every country wants every other country to cut emissions! In Mumbai, every one wants to "stay" at Mumbai! And there is no place for everyone i guess!

Sree PJ said...

If the city cannot take more the solution is not to stop people from coming into it. The solution lies in expanding the geographical boundaries of the city and providing a proper and safe means of transport. Don't tell me about metros they are crowded like hell. It is governments responsibility to provide with adequate means of transport based on the population. There are many other measures like discouraging the public from taking private transport. Not allowing new constructions until and unless they are for corporate purposes. Encouraging group housings so that maximum utilization of the land is made. These are few but many others could be thought off. Newyork city mayor never asked people to stay clear of their city nor did Tokyo do this. Then why should Mumbai do it?