Sunday, December 20, 2009

why rape should be life term???.. lemme tell you

this is something i came 2 know today... there is a lady lying in sion hospital in coma for the past 36 YEARS... why?? well she was raped by a ward boy and then strangled her almost to death...the fact that she didn't get oxygen for those few vital seconds is the reason shes in coma.. and our dear friend(the ward boy) was booked attempt to murder NOT rape...7 years... then he got out of jail came back AND tried to kill her... but she still survived and he ran away somewhere and they still can't find him...and SHE is STILL in coma... so this is why i say rapists can never be improved but murderers can always be improved...rapists deserve life term not murderers................(this is an answer to shishirs comment on the post "contorted law")

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