Tuesday, December 29, 2009

hello mr. tiwari ready for some brickbats???

the hot topic is N.D.Tiwari ,the dude who got caught with the babes!!! ok, well a supposedly stable governor of andhra pradesh who got caught on a sex tape with three women... great,i'm glad we caught him,probably some guy who was giving him a bribe in the carnal form, or someone who was pissed of at him and made a fake video because he didn't listen??? what happened behind the lines we don't know but all we know is he was caught and was thrown out...i think such kind of threats are the best political weapon, something like "you better stop eating money or i ll make you a sex tape..." good business na?? all these big businessman must be regularly doing that...just to make sure their stuff is done...i think its time we do that too, any government officer who asks for bribes, just give him the sex tape threat,something like "i'll make one and send it to ur wife" good one na??a bit impractical, i know, but someone with a little guts,conviction and computer skills can surely do it!!!

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Ameya AB said...

Andre Agassi might have gone through the same type of blackmailing. The blackmailer might have known about his past drug-indulgence. Agassi found a way out of the problem by confessing his misdeeds and hence the blackmailing stops!