Sunday, December 6, 2009

India-the glorified whorehouse

"money,chai-pani,paisa,mal-pani,kharcha-pani" these are the famous terms for the WE all will literally DIE for. and when i say WE i mean we indians.the reason I called india the glorified whorehouse is that you pay and you can get anything just,no i don't blame indians coz its in our blood na?? we have betrayed our country since history... I'll tell you why the british took over, why the mughals took over,and more recently the politicians who took over in the place of the british in the name of freedom... trust me the british came here as traders but then they saw our own people betraying each other they said WHY NOT take it over??? i mean if the people don't trust themselves then lets take it over na?? as someone said "civilisations don't die with the strength of others but with the decay within" I mean the british literally bought us over. just like politicians are buying us today 500 bucks a vote or more. i mean one can buy over anyone from a havaldar to an ACP to a government officer to a politician.ots just that one takes in hundreds the other in thousands the other in lakhs an yet another in crores. NO NO, i'm not saying that people aren't corrupt abroad but the problem here is that EVERYONE is corrupt?? why?? i mean sonia gandi and sharad pawar are so rich why don't they do something for the nation??how much money will they eat?? and don't tell me they aren't corrupt, sonia gandhi declared her wealth as somewhere around 3 crores and she expects the public to believe it!!! she must be worth thousands of crores!! anyway its finally for us to decide whetherwe wanna do something for our motherland or just be a bunch of prostitutes ready to sell anything for money....

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