Tuesday, December 8, 2009

justice??what justice??

"order order!!" says the judge... what order is he talking about??the order in this country?? or does his hammer only hold its power in the courtroom??... the question goes "is he just creating an illusion of order in the country??" we think there is law in the country.. ok fine i don't blame you, most of the readers must be living in the cities where there is atleast an illusion of law and order... but what about our villages??go a little outside and see for yourself...no i'm not talking only about bihari villlages but somewhere as "safe" as probably maharashtra, or andhra pradesh. even in the cities there is no respect for the law... the scale of justice always tilts towards the flutter of money, the rich get the justice... all the a big guy has to do is call up some MP and his son will be remove from jail... what about the people living in jail waiting for their undertrials?? somewhere around 14 lakh cases lay waiting... who is to blame?? well i'd like to blame my old friends the politicians (i'm sure you knew that was coming right???) first of all no one becomes judges because a judge gets such a low salary.50000-100000 and sometimes more but is that enough for a man without a cause for his country??one really needs a man with a cause to become a judge. who will give up the fancy life and pay of a lawyer to become a judge?? why will he give up a party life for the boring and monotonous life of a judge?? is there any incentive but the respect?? so the main reason why most of the lawyers do not become judges is the lack of incentive to become one!! and this explains the backlog of judges and eventually cases lying in the court for years... what about innocents sitting in jail who are suddenly proved innocent and all the state can say is sorry??AND on top of which most of the justice is left to the panchayats which is a gang of egoistic , soft in the head and gullible oldies who have a distorted sense of age old justice... why do you think the maoists have formed?? coz of the lack of justice. because everything has been taken away from them including their land and hills which are being now sold for the bauxite they contain... and our dear government which has an age old problem of fighting the poor because they are poor has given the army a free hand in the maoist areas.(you see our govt. did not have the guts to fight pakistan,but they have a newfound power while fighting the poor) the basic problem is that our people need justice that's it nothing more!! that will solve many problems!!

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shashank said...

great post dude...
The idea of justice does seem to be contorted during modern times..
It is unjust when the judges themselves are overworked and underpaid..
Nothing can justify violence but a helpless man feels marginalised that is the only retort that first comes to his mind..
Keep blogging. Looking to more from you :)