Sunday, December 20, 2009

khilana band pilana shuru!!!

wow!!! isn't that easy to say!! tata tea is after all a rather brainy company!! isn't it??....pesonally i don't think so!!if we stop bribing then how will we get our work done??do we thrash the officials who are asking for bribes?? if we stop paying them they will stop doing our work simple!! ok tata tea has all these idealistic taglines(impressive though!!!) stuff like vote karo, khilana band pilana shuru.. now lets take vote karo... who do we vote for?? that is something they won't say in the ad...alll these damn stars come up and say that all the people who don't vote have no shame!!why don't they tell us who to vote for??? yes we don't have any shame, because our government doesnt't have any either.and about the khilana tagline... suppose a police guy stops me from breaking a signal i'd bribe him rather than pay extra money TO THE government and KNOW that the money is going to go into some politicians pocket...i'd rather bribe my tax official than pay tax honestly and know it's gonna be misused...a hawker would rather pay the police guy over paying another municipality guy a bigger bribe...i'd rather save some money for myself, pay the guy at the smaller level over being honest and paying the guy at the bigger level... wherever money goes it gets eaten, the only question is who eats it.... so tata tea time to think of a real solution and not make catchy taglines for in a hope for better sales....

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Rivas said...

You sure live upto your name... :) You sure are pissed with politics.

Tata tea is probably just milking the audience for what they all want, I agree. Patriotism and Justice is something everyone hopes for, and Tata Tea just wants an image of justice to its brand. But thats not the case I am concerned about.

What I am concerned about is why shouldnt we care about our country! I agree that there are plenty of reasons to get pissed off... Corruption, Illiteracy, Power play... your girlfriends cheating on you, the tree fell on your car, your airtel bill came to a whopping 3000 rupees... Shit happens. But that shouldnt stop us from caring.

And though, you are right about the bribe aspect of the equation... why should we take the trouble to go to court and do the right thing, if it doesnt make any difference... I do that too... But the larger picture is that each time we do it, it causes a ripple of injustice into the entire system. I have personally seen the despicable state that the labourers of bangalore stay in while all around them the skyscrapers get built in timely fashion, the exorbitant rates that they have to pay for a drop of water... and sometimes I wonder if I were doing the right thing... would this all happen?

I am, after all, responsible for all that happens around me... However remote it may seem.